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Grass Snake

Reptile Removal & Mollusk Control

Of all the pests that can infest your space, slithery, slimy creatures are some of the most alarming. But with Bug Boss on your side, you can be at ease. Drawing on years of hands-on experience, our expert-level technicians handle reptile removal and mollusk control with expertise.




A common pest in gardens, truck farms, and even patios, these pesky critters are excellent at hiding and evading detection. Because of this, you need a skilled pest control expert on your side to tackle a slug infestation once and for all.



With their signature coiled shells and slug-like body, snails are founded in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environment. This versatility allows them to infest residential gardens, commercial structures, and other spaces easily.



These cold-blooded creatures vary in species, but are common throughout the New Jersey area. Known for their scaly appearance and propensity to bite, finding snakes in your home can be scary. If you're dealing with a snake infestation, our 24/7 services are perfect for you.