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Superior Mammal & Rodent Removal

You will rest easy when you choose our mammal and rodent removal experts. At Bug Boss, our team of highly skilled pest control technicians is more than equipped to tackle even the most overwhelming infestations. From groundhog control to skunk removal, we do it all.




Sometimes known as a woodchuck or whistle pig, this rodent actually belongs to a group of ground squirrels known as marmots. Most marmots live in rocky and mountainous areas, but the groundhog is widely distributed throughout North America.



Mice are sneaky creatures that can invade your home without you even knowing it--droppings, gnaw marks, and tracks are typical indications of their presence. Mice nest in homes with ease, using shredded paper and other fibrous material, making them difficult to trap without the help of a professional.



This nocturnal mammal lives in mostly wooded areas and naturally feeds along lakes and streams. However, it's incredibly common for raccoons to invade commercial and residential areas, attracted to litter and more contained trash.



Light gray in color, opossums are known for their lengthy tail. Much like raccoons, opossums are excellent scavengers, feeding on garbage, fruit, vegetables, plants, and insects. Due to their varied diet, these mammals commonly infest residential and commercial trash cans and dumpsters.



Characterized by their black-and-white bodies and highly offensive odor used for defense, skunks are a particularly troubling pest to find on your property. The skunk's scent glands produce an oily, yellowish liquid that it unleashes on potential predators, causing a strong odor, along with choking and tearing of the eyes.



Ranging in size from that of a mouse to a housecat, these tree-dwelling rodents can invade your home and be tricky to remove. If you're struggling with a squirrel infestation in the Jersey City area, the Bug Boss team is here to help.



A common farm and garden pest, woodchucks are most known for their love of homegrown veggies. These relatively large animals are related to the squirrel family and can be found munching on plants in household and commercial gardens.